woensdag 4 april 2018

New Project: 15mm Dacians for DBA 3.0

Okay, let's put the obvious one on the table first: I always liked the `engine` behind DBA.

The fact you play with 12 elements each, and a game lasts about half an hour to 45 minutes, make this the ideal small scale game for "in between".

In the past I had a 15mm irish army (oh what a suprise) but never gotten further then a single game 15 odd years ago at TSA.  Now, the new edition, 3.0, has been unleashed on the world and I think it is time to start a charme offensive in the club to bring the game back to the fore.

The reasons?  Well, on the one hand for what I said above.  A 15mm army for 12 elements will knock you back around 25 pounds at Essex Miniatures for example.  Add to that the not too complicated rules, and it might be feasible not only to mobilise some people for it, but actually get them to paint their small armies.

I admit, that IS something I sincerly hate when playing 40k, so far I haven`t played a single opponent with a fully painted army. 

Another reason is that the club is now open on (selected) saturdays as well from the friday evening openings, and we are looking in the direction of making "themed days", be they larger games or small event like things.  And DBA is a nice candidate for that to fill a day with, run it in either a campaign wise gameday or a small tournament style game.  The same will go for different other games, but that`s for another post.

Now, I sold of my Irish years ago, and as I was strolling the army lists (DBA Online, is a great resource for that) I wanted something "not that common".  In the end I settled on the Dacians.

Dacia was a monarchy that existed in the era of the Romans, from 168 BC until 106 AD.  Located in what is current day Romania and Moldova, these eastern european warriors had a typical weapon in the form of their Falx, a curved sword which was used by selected warrior bands.

Now, for the force I`m going to be using the pretty standard force for the 60AD to 106AD era (army 68 in version 2.2):

1x 2LH (the general)
6x 3Wb
4x 2Ps
1x 3Bd (the Falx)

Counting the models from the Essex line, this army would cost me 24 pounds, as it would consist of 4 pound packs of 8 figures (4 for the cav), giving me some extra models left over as well.

Once it`s painted up (which should go swiftly as it aren`t that many models at all, consisting of 2 cavalry and 29 infantry figures, as well as the optional camp model) I`ll be looking around and raising intrest at the club for more players (and beyond!) and see how to take it from there to organise an event or the likes.

I`ll keep you all posted!

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