maandag 16 april 2018

King Albert I of Belgium, the "warrior king"

When Leopold the second died, the Belgian throne passed on to his nephew, Albert I.

While the previous monarch became infamous for his role in the Congo aquirement, this king would become famous for completely different reasons.

When the First World War came to Belgium, our troops retreated behind the Yzer river.  Our governement went into exile in Le Havre, but Albert I stayed near the troops at the front, a few measly kilometres away from the lines in De Panne.  As a result of this, he went into history as The Warrior-King of Belgium.

Come 2014 and the 100 year anniversary of the First World War.  What other choice did we have then to give Albert I as the entry model for the Crisis show here in Antwerp, once again sculpted by Paul Hicks.

After Leopold II, he is the second king we released as such in miniature form, and he is a fantastic addition to any collection of World War 1 models, especially if you field us Belgians.  Armed with a rifle, perhaps the only thing is that it was hard to include his spectacles, though on that scale that`s rather normal of course.

Albert I died during a rock climbing accident in Marche-les-Dames, in what are to this day still suspicious circumstances.  But he will live on forever in our Crisis miniatures series...

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