zaterdag 21 april 2018

Payback on the Farm! A Dux Battle Report

Last campaign month, Richard invaded my lands in an effort to burn down my watchtower, as could be read HERE.

While he was unsuccesfull and suffered heavy losses that battle, this month it was time for me to return the favour and I set out to raid one of his farms.

The scenario allowed me a double move towards his village, while his full force bar his archer would come on in turn 1, the archers themselves arriving one turn later.  My troops moved full force towards his farming hamlet of course.

His forces arrived, and seeing the two warrior units approaching the village, my lord formed all the men around him into a shieldwall, to deter any offensive actions from my opponent.

His cavalry was at 23 inch of mine, and so I thought I was charge safe.  Richard played a Bounding Leap, Carpe Diem and Hero of the Age, so at 4d6 + 8 I suddenly feared for my horses.  But his roll totalled 22, falling an inch short and a point blank response charge thundered into his line.

I played a Carpe Diem, Hero of the Age and Strong Arm and the resulting crash into his cavalry costed me 1 elite rider versus 3 warriors of his, 2 elites AND a wound on his noble.  His force promptly broke without even a second round, and lost the amphora, to ride off never to be seen.

Unfortunatly, now I fell one inch short of pursuit, or I could have taken out his remaining elites with the Lord and Champion.

His other forces dully retreated of the board now, though his archers shot down one of my warriors... but so did long range fire of mine on his horse cavalry.

In the meantime, my troops ransacked the village and collected all the loot there was to be had, as his cavalry and characters fled for their lives as mine was slowly recovering from shock and could charge them the next turn.

But he escaped, and after the dust settled and the points where tallied, I scored a +5 victory, granting me another 2 warriors.  Unfortunatly, that meant my 8 strong units now split up into three units of 6 each, not the most wanted result to be honest...

My talents where finally spend as well, as a Wicca joined my forces and she brought a magical sword for my lord (giving him +1 d6 in combat from now on), as well as an Armoury Shoppe that was erected in one of my provinces. ironically, I know stand alone at the top of the prestige table of the campaign so far... not bad for someone almost knocked out in the very first battle.

Just another raid to survive in a few weeks, and then all my Levy return, boosting my force with another mighty three units...

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