vrijdag 8 juni 2018

Atlantis Found

In this 2016 documentary from History channel, dr Martin Pepper is "waging all his money" that he found the location of Atlantis.

With the help of modern technology and Plato's writing "hidden clues", he travels to Santorini to prove his theories.


Using the ancient dialogues of Plato (well, he "forgets" details, like the elephants) he is convinced that Santorini, a volcano caldera that would have been above water before it erupted, is the location of the mythical city.  That once a thriving trade port was located there, and when the volcano erupted it suddenly disappeared.  Okay, that meant instant vaporisation and the remains tumbling to the seabed, but it is based on a story after all.

Of course, there is also the fact that Plato placed the city about 8000 years before this eruption, but never the less, the theory is looking valid when you get the reasoning behind his thinking.  The deep clif walls, the ancient ruins located on the island, and the general location of the island itself.  But it seams the process is reversed from how normally these searches are undertaken.  He tries to "match" as much as possible to the existing island instead of trying to find and island by following the clues.

What I liked about it

* It was nicely brought and a good production

What I didn't like about it

* unfortunatly, it didn't bring anything new at all in theories and evidences, feeling just like a show of one man that just really wants his idea to be true...

I should have taken that bet...

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