vrijdag 29 juni 2018

The Halfway Goal Mark moment

So June has come to an end, meaning it's time to take a look at the goals I set for the wargaming year, and how much progress has been made.

Of course, the biggest change was perhaps the total overhaul in my private status, meaning that cut big time in my painting time and such, but for the better of it.

But the goals... of course, the AHPC8 goal was swiped of it's feet, nearly doubling the amount of points I gained compared to what I thought I would achieve.  Ironically, if I get in this year, it's going to be hard to even get the basic 500 pts goal as I got on average 5 painting hours a week now.

The Blood Bowl and Tombstone painting is going slow, very slow, with only 4 blood bowl figures paintd so far, and still haven't began on the Tombstone ones.  And I won`t as I`m going to ditch the figures due to my focus on purely 40k, and my Emperor's Children / Slaanesh in particular... read on for more on that, and I`ll do a piece on that in the future as well.

The first (voluntary) failure of the year has to be the Empire army, as I totally gave up on Age of Sigmar (and not even looking at the second edition), selling off the army as it stood.

The same goes for the planned DBA 3.0 army in a way.  I wanted to introduce Nemesis to historical gaming and do some more at the club, but that went down the drain, but luckily I hadn't ordered the models yet, so nothing lost there bar a red line in the sidebar of this blog.

On the other hand, due to the 40k big battle and the huge lot of Marines I obtained recently, I decided to stick to the things I love and the megalomaniac idea of bringing, albeit not this year, my Emperor's Children to at least 10.000 points, and probably a lot over that over time.  Okay, that is including the small demonic and heretic detachments, but those aren't going to be making the difference as half of those are in my main list then anyway (demon princess, demons to summon, cultists, ...).  I only recently added the tally of the 3rd Legion to the bar, more as a personal reminder how far I am, then as a goal in a way...

The T'au "gundams" would remain what they where intended to be, a fun side project for some change in painting once in a while... but again for the above reason, I`m not going to go there in the end.  Instead I`m going to be shopping on a monthly basis over at Forge Worldand divert my hobby funds towards that.

The Gasaphons and introducing the Mobile Suit Gundam Skirmish Game bites the dust for exactly the same reason.

On the non-painting goals, it went far smoother then expected as I already obtained my personal settings of series, animes and movies to watch, due to me and Noshi sharing a likeminded broad intrest.  On the book front however, I'm rather far behind on my goal, though I have hopes still of getting it all done, not in the least when I'll be two weeks on holidays in september and will be doing some reading next to the swimming pool.
The same goes with the wargame events, I already have 4 under the belt now (3 megagames and 1 convention), and still have Crisis and a mega Viking game on the horizon, so that should be easy completion...

And in the meantime, we sold off the models for working on that OrBat of Fredericksburg...I realised that in the big battles at the club, one doesn`t need his own models to play with, and my painting isn`t on the same level as some others, making them more of an eyesore on the battlefield.  So to that end, I`m quitting those projects, and slowly will be selling them off in order to, well, again sponsor all that wanted Forge World stuff.  Yeah, Falchion, Fellblade... they aren`t cheap you know.

It might seem radical and sudden, but it isn`t at all.  I learned on the recent BnS's that scouring the net for cheap lots and then trade them onwards for more Chaos models will get my ultimate goal done... getting 10k MINIMUM of Emperor's Children and their "allied" sections (demons and heretics) painted up...

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