zaterdag 16 juni 2018

On the Painting Desk 51

As you will see in tomorrow's Haul report, I got a serious humongous lot of Chaos Space Marines for next to no money at the TSA Bring and Sell last weekend.

And that also means that I will be painting a LOT of pink in the coming months, so you'll see more and more units of Emperor's Children appear on these small weekly videos.

Talking pink, compared to last episode, I finished 4 transports for my 6mm force, and am nearly done with the figures to 'fill out' a Havoc squad, just needing to base and varnish them, so those will be done pretty swiftly this week.

And probably the assault marines as well to round out the Raptor squad.  But after that, it's at first going to be to assemble and select figures from that lot to make full units, and test the airbrush to save a lot of time undercoating them...

Until next week!

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