zaterdag 16 juni 2018

The Haul Report 138 - Mass Bring and Sell 40k loot

This weeks loot report is all about 40k, as I grabbed some humongous lots on the Bring and Sell that ran at TSA last saturday.

Being held together with the ACW megabattle, clubmembers where trading around used figures for new collections.

Well, it even started on friday already, as Willie arrived at the club with amongst others a heap op his 40k models.  I bought this huge lot of 40k Marines for... 25 euro.  It also contained a still in blister Warsmith from the Iron Warriors, but I sold that one to Nemesis for 5 euro in one go.

Containing about 100 Space Marines, it also had a dozen Terminators, two blistered classic metal Sorcerers and more imporatantly, the classic Slaanesh 40k lord with his huge Doom Siren.
After inventarisation, it turned out the whole lot contained 164 models, incl three that I can`t do anything with in blister (the Warsmith I sold to Nemesis, and 2 old metal Sorcerers still in blister which I`ll trade away sometime).  At a netto purchase as such of 20 euros, this meant I paid under 13 eurocents!!!!!!!! per figure.

A second purchase I made was from Albert, with this big heap of Tau.  I wanted only those battlesuits, but he wanted to sell the whole heap together.  So 50 euro later I not only had all these models, but also a bunch I brought back to the BnS (I told him fairly when I bought the box) containing 32 Fire Warriors, 22 Pathfinders, a Tidewall Gunsection and an ethereal.  These left again for the money I actually paid for the whole lot, making this a free set of big battlesuits, worth around 140 euro RRP.

The final purchase was from Jo, who sold me a Chaos Rhino on sprue for 5 euro, part of a lot of vehicles he had bought as well from Willie that evening...
One thing I got though this week that wasn`t from the BNS, was my monthly issue of White Dwarf, nothing fancy there

So that's not bad at all, giving my IIIrd Legion about 3000 points in boost.

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