dinsdag 12 juni 2018

White Dwarf June 2018

Well, two big themes this month in the newest edition of White Dwarf, and you get a free poster for each of them.

On the one hand, the new edition of Age of Sigmar that is coming, and fleshing out a lot of the booh-booh rules, and on the other hand the arrival of the Imperial Knight legions codex.

So let's have a look at the contents, and as always, the boldies are what catches my intrest... even if those knights just scream "traitor legions" to me...

Age of Sigmar: yup, no regular intro pages this month, it all starts out with an article about the setting of AoS.

Planet Warhammer: all the news of the various releases by Games Workshop, including the return of the two knights boxed game.

Battle of Falling Souls: a battle report putting the two base forces of the new AoS against each other.

Golden Demon - Winner's Challenge: what a gorgeous amount of eye candy

Designer's Notes - Imperial Knights: the big boys come to play in Warhammer 40k

Black Library - Soul Wars: a bit of fluff on the new AoS storyline

Blanchitsu: more conversions for the grim future of 40k

The Emotional Response: Illuminations looks at more artwork from the various GW sources

Last Stand at Glazer's Creek II: a refight of the original, Rorke's Drift inspired, battle of decades ago

The Ultimate Guide to Armageddon: a look at the war torn planet and one of the strongpoints of 40k lore

A Tale of Four Warlords: the army building for each of the four factions continues

Getting Started with Age of Sigmar: how to begin in the hobby of fantasy gaming

Customise Your Campaign: new rules for gaming in Middle Earth

Lords of War Redux: new rules to game with big, big machines in the settings of 40k as the knights take to the field of battle.

Reader's Models and In the Bunker

All in all, an okay issue for my intrest field, with especially the Knights articles picking my attention away...

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