vrijdag 29 juni 2018

What I painted in June 2018

Another month gone by, and one with a decent amount of painted figures as Noshi had to work three full or at least partial weekends.

This meant I had a couple of all nighter sessions as I didn't have to go to work the day after, and resulting in a nice amount of figures finished.

Perhaps the main focus on getting finished this month where my 6mm forces.  I repainted first and foremost the "other Legions" models I had done for my FWC force, to bring them all in the fold of Slaanesh.  I wouldn't be collecting their equivalents in 40k anyways...

But I also painted up some armoured support from a cheap lot I won on eBay, now I only need to find some Terminator, Predator and Razorback models to give me more tactical variety in the game.

One of the other things, and basically the only non-pink, where the 88th New York, the fifth regiment for my Irish Brigade.  Numbering 20 models initially, this regiment had to be ready for the big ACW battle we ran at TSA in the beginning of the month, as North clashed against South using our club's inhouse written fast play rules.

This was the last "big" deadline I had for 2018, as all the remaining big clubgames on the horizon so far, I have suitable models for.  Yeah, I'm painting up some vikings for the october big battle of the Dark Ages, but that is more "wanting to" then "needing to".  or I might, depending the time schedule as I`ll be on journey's a lot the coming months.

Expanding on my Emperor's Children, whom received a HUGE boost in models over the past month, I started with rounding out some of my units, like bringing the first of my Havoc squads to their full compliment of 10 men.
Another small addition to a squad have been these two assault marine Black Templars, who will serve as Raptors with the rest of their brethren in the squad.  So that brings another unit to the, for me, best playable size for power armour troops, being 10 strong.

Apart from the trays for the 88th, I also been painting up some additional movement trays to in time boost all the regiments of my ACW to 24, and to base up my AWI troops so far.

And there we have it, no less then 53 miniatures painted this month.

Let those brushes bristle! 

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