maandag 4 juni 2018

Upcycling for the Marine Corps

The latest reinforcements for my Future War Commander force aren`t actual reinforcements, but repaints.

You see, at the beginning I painted a few bases in colours of Legions I wanted to build in 40k as well, to emulate my forces in both scales.

But I dropped that idea for 40k, and instead decided to focus on the Emperor's Children alone, more so since the recent big battle as I started converting (at last?) again for the 3rd legion.

So I repainted the bases of 6mm epic troops to my beloved pinks and blacks as well, to boost the ranks even more and have a large Pink Phalanx when that 6mm Mega Battle I got in my brain kicks off in earnest...

And of course, some pre-Heresy purple and gold will be splattered amongst the next batch as well!

But for now, the pink force is reinforced with 3 commanders, a stand of Assault Marines, 2 stands of regular Marines (which so far have proven to be match winners in the games I played), a Grav Bike and a bike scout.

For the Emperor!

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