maandag 25 juni 2018

3000 Posts!

Something of a milestone this is, as ever since the first simple post, all the way back on the 28th of february 2010, I spammed your internet waves with 3k of ramblings.

Okay, so granted the "topic" of the blog has changed a little in that period, going from wargame to Lego back to wargame, intertwined with whatever I liked posting, it`s still a personal win I stuck with it already for over 8 years.

So wether it was anime, series, wargame ramblings, build reports, I want to thanks all you loyal readers of this little page.

I did notice a trend on the kind of posts that are especially popular, and while the top 10 posts are a bit diverse in nature (I doubt number 1 will ever be contested) and numbers, I have some general sights on how posts will rate.

Top 10 posts

But I must confess, the battle report of the Mega 40k this year is on less then 50 points at the moment to break into the top 10, what would make it two posts from 2018 getting in there and adding some nice refreshment in this list.

On general though, battle reports score consistently the best, going between 500 and 1000 views.  The same goes for event reports, depending a little if they get picked up by their organisers to be honest, like last week's MonkeyCon report for one.

Of the smaller posts, friday night club posts from TSA usually go around 100 views, while all the rest hovers usually between 50 to 75 each.

Not to bad for just a hobby page, and onwards to the 5000 milestone, and the 1 million views (currently it`s just over 960k)... far more then I ever expected

So once again, many thanks to all of you!

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