dinsdag 5 juni 2018

De Tachtigjarige Oorlog - Roel Tanja

Translated as "A short history on the Eighty Years War", this dutch book takes a look at the war that shaped and reshaped Flanders and the Netherlands.

From the Geuzen to the legend of Willem of Orange (who wasn`t actually that great a general btw), it covers this period as it played out in the lowlands, struggling to get away under spanish rule.


The Eighty Years War (officially 1568-1648) is called the Dutch revolt in the english language.  This is probably a better description, as what began as a skirmishing affair in a far corner of the spanish empire, evolved into a true revolution.

After more then 80 years, the Netherlands had changed owners, form of state, religion and politics, cultural and economical... and what's more, the Repucblic of the Seven United Netherlands would enter their Golden Age at the end of the war.

In a short history of the Eighty Years war, Roel tanja lists all the events that transpired between 1568 (the battle at Heiligerlee) and 1648 (the treaty of Munster).  In more then one hundred short chapters, all these events are mentioned to grant the reader an overview of the whole war.

What I like about it

* It is a swift "get up to date" book of a period that is getting more traction within the wargaming community

What I didn`t like about it

* 100+ chapters on 180 something pages means very superficial information on all the events

A good starting point to peak your intrests, but this book is nowwhere a definitive guide!

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