woensdag 13 juni 2018

Distraction... my never ending wargame disaster

Aaaaaah well, I had sworn nevertheless not to walk into that trap again when I got back to wargaming.

Keep focussed, don't get sidetracked... yeah right.

It's my weakpoint in wargaming.  I see something like a movie or series, want to build an army around it, don't find any other intressees by the time it's half finished, and there it remains after that.  And yet again, I walked eyes open into the trap: Mortem et Gloriam Shang Chinese, Mongols in 28mm after watching Marco Polo, DBA 3.0, the AWI or ECW... it's endless.

But in a way the large 40k battle the club held (on which you can read HERE) was a life saver.  Or a focus saver if you will.  I enjoy that game, and after the battle, I really decided that instead of dabbling in a gazillion projects, I should really get a single "game" (or, well, 3 or 4) and stay with that, the occassional 15 man skirmish game not included.

So I did.  I took a long hard look at my cabinets and to paint stacks, and decided on of course the Emperor's Children (and their 6mm equivalent for FWC) as my main focus.  Alongside those, my Irish for the Dark Ages and my Union force for ACW will remain.

But the rest?  No, they've been signed to BnS status once I paint up all the things I have for them.  I realised this as for games at the club like ECW or AWI you don't need your own collection.  You can usually just drop in and enjoy some games, like I already did a few times.

This will also mean I'll be slowly dropping the other forces I started to collect, removing them from the Armies tab on this blog and packing them up for some BnS at the club or such in the future.  Only to invest in moarrrrrr crazed noise marines muahahahaha....

On a "skirmish" level, most will indeed be forces that can go "along" my existing armies, like the Tombstone 7th Cavalry, being led by Custer (who ofc was a Union cavalry commander during the ACW), or a Blood Bowl team with Slaaneshi colouring.  But I'm through spending money (okay, THAT actually bothers me less) and time on building forces that in the end will rarely come outside the cabinets anyways.

And try to keep focussed this time...

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