zaterdag 2 juni 2018

The Haul Report 136

Another week gone by, and while dominated by the Mega 40k battle found here, I still obtained some small loot.

Being of course first and foremost the commerative "medal" for the battle, now proudly standing with my Emperor's Children army.

But I also gotten me some more movement trays, which I had printed for me by a clubbey.  I ordered 49 to accomodate square, and 1 for small round, bases, though in hindsight that should have been 48 / 2.  Oh cheese for brains, how I loathe thee...

Oh well, guess I`ll have to nag him soon then for some more 3D printing, I guess I`ll be scouring the net and all the free file sites for some nice scatter terrain to go with it...

1 opmerking:

  1. I love movement trays. They're just such a fine idea. But since I play with Army men far more than formal miniatures, I'm not sure how that'd work. It was easy back when I used LEGO, they would just clicko n any plank :)