woensdag 27 juni 2018

The Musketeers season 2

Me and Noshi finally finished the second season of this BBC series (she got distracted with Black Sails, my girl definitly has taste) after a few weeks, and it had some big changes.

For example, Richelieu (Capaldi) is dead, because well, Peter had to go cruising through space in a blue phone box after all...


Enter Rochefort, a french noble, friend to the Queen, and who was captured by the Spanish.  But he has been broken and indoctrinated into an agent for Spain, and he wants to use his power and the faith the King puts in him to not only rise to power but also gain the hand of the Queen.
The Queen, who gave birth to Aramis's son the dauphin in the meantime, sees how her husband slips more and more into a depression, manipulated by Rochefort.  Together with the Musketeers, who Rochefort twarts at every turn, and Constance, she wants to discover the truth and put him to justice.  But the machinations run deep, and we also get to explore the pasts of some of the musketeers, like who was the father of Porthos.

What I liked about it

* While being made with a far lower budget then most historical drama series, this is still an amusing, though not "a great" show to watch.
* The theme music
* Rochefort, a villain one can focus on and relate to where his evilness came from

What I didn`t like about it

* The actor that plays the King, he is just to british for me to play a french sovereign.

It might take a while now, but I`m sure we will eventually tackle series 3 as well this year.  It`s just one of those sit back and relax kind of television series.

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