vrijdag 15 juni 2018

Upcoming Big Battles at TSA: June Update

Here we are with a new update on our event calendar for 2018, and some changes have been made, so mark the calendar if needed.

We have a new event officially on the calendar now, with the 20th of october being the date for the 1st TSA Classic, a cycling game mega event.

The 29th of september, while not a battle per se and more details will be surely following, the next edition of our clubs Open Day, Battling Through the Ages, will be held.

Unfortunatly there is one event that will be cancelled, and that will probably be the Age of Sigmar mega game.  More info at Jo at the club, but it has to do with the new edition coming out right before the weekend it was planned.

But without further a do, here is the calendar of in-club Mega battles for 2018 as it stands now:

12 and 13th of October

20th of October

3rd of November

Hope to see you soon!

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