woensdag 6 juni 2018

Knock Knock

Knock Knock is an erotic thriller that came out in 2015, and by the looks of the trailer, this was a steamy one harking back to the days of Basic Instinct.

Starring Keanu Reaves, it's a movie handling about three people in a sick game of power and lust... 


When Evan, a happily married family man, is home alone during a rainstorm, someone knocks on his door.  These turn out to be two young girls, Bel and Genesis, who got lost and ask for directions.  He lets them in to use his phone and dry their clothes, but soon they start to seduce him telling about their liberal lifestyle of making love and how people are not made to be monogamous.

A steamy night follows, but the day after hell starts for Evan.  They have no intention on leaving him, and when he refuses to go in on their advances, they knock him unconscious.  When he wakes up, they start torturing him both mentally and physically.

What I liked about it

* I doubt I could say no when Ana de Armas and Lorena Izzo are at my door either.

* The end sequence with the Facebook post

What I didn't like about it

* Most of the movie is pretty weak honestly, as a concept that hasn't been worked out to it's fullest potential.

Oh well, I guess the times aren't allowing anymore these days to make a rough and hard movie like Basic Instinct or Fatal Attraction, as the world would be on it's hindlegs rearing it's moral compass...

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