donderdag 6 september 2012

Another LunaMaria... and a painting goal finished

First off, let me show the world the most recent Lunamaria Hawk I received last week, sitting in her casual clothings and typical white `leisure hat'

And in the back, a hint of what I am going to start working on once my little `hobby corner` is completed at my girlfriends place ;-)

I also want to grab the opportunity that bar making pictures and mailing them to Clam, I have now finished all models for this years BSL, the next round will be my morally obliged mecha entry (being an anime nut, I owe it to myself to enter one at least in each online painting competition I participate in), the final round has as theme `Chaos Dwarfs` so that wasn`t hard to find models for hehee...

Let`s see if with the current round still running and those two upcomming rounds, I can maintain a spot in the top half, and if the paint gods are willing even aim at a top-5 finish, doubting that though seeing the work of some in there whom I luckily dodged so far...

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