donderdag 13 september 2012

Floating Buddha

Well, two more Hordes units have been as good as painted, just need to do their basing and that will raise me to 23 points, meaning I`m as good as `out of the woods` (pun intended) with the Druids for the Journeyman League for the comming two months.

Need to get a solo, and I`ll be safe and sound in required points `till the New Year, so it`s time to shift attention back to my Chaos Dwarfs, who are in need of serious lovin` and the preparations of a 1000 points force of either Legion of Azgorh or Hobgoblins for the duo tournament comming up in november.

Therefore, I painted this floating Buddha, the unit filler for the Oni Tensei oriental style warriors I showed yesterday, a unit if I get it done will definitly be featured in the LoA list as an Infernal Guard regiment.

I went for a jade colour to fit with the jade detailing on their axes.  The model is plaster that I bought at a second hand a year or two ago for the not happened Cathay project, I suspect it are recasted fishtank ornaments but heck, it was 1 euro for 2 buddha statues and so I raised one on a cloudy pillar to be the centre of the unit. 

The idea comes actually from my Playstation Vita, where I had downloaded onto a mini game from the PS store, `Floating God Saves the Pilgrims` in which some chinese deity flies over a group of pilgrims on their way through a level.  It`s a kind of a Lemmings game with a twist, in that you don`t have the pilgrims do the work, but the cloudguy.

Next up, some more work on a solid block of Sneaky Gitz, and a 15mm earthshaker for HotT in between.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Looks great, from where does the model or statue comes and at which price if I may ask?

  2. No idea, it was a stand of all kinds of small plaster thingies, as I say above, probably fishtank copies.

    Costed me a euro for a set of 2 different ones.

  3. Missed that part when I was scanning th text and was staring at the pictures. Nice find!

  4. I just love the floating cloud, what a great effect.

  5. Very simple to recreate, it's a metal flight stand (one of ral parthas I had lying around from something), painted light blue and drybrushed a very light blueish grey, then just superglue some medical cottons to it. Pull them apart, small dot of glue at the bottom of each tuft, then just well, let wind do the rest overnight hehehe