zondag 16 september 2012

Scarsfell Griffon

So this will be the final model I`ll be painting for my Hordes force for a few weeks, as I really, really need to expand my Chaos Dwarf force, and won`t be having any painting time the comming week.

The Griffon was a buy without knowing it`s rules (I don`t have Dominion) nor knowing it was plastic, but I was pleasantly surpised by both of those.

The plastic is a good quality that allows for a light undercoat, not obscuring details, while ruleswise with his Long Leach rule, Flight ability and Parry animus, this light warbeast can be used as what I`ve dubbed a `focus assassin`, throttling him in with an enemy caster early on, to try and keep him occupied and saving his focus to fight back instead of distributing them to their warjacks.

Or to be just a sheer annoyance in general...

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