woensdag 12 september 2012

Oni Tensei - Brush Slave Leave round 6

Well, thanks to the `Legacy of Aleeha`, I managed to pull of another victory in the Brush Slave League, making me go 3 / 1 / 2 at the moment and resulting in a nice 23.5 points.

I entered a set of the oriental helmetted Chaos Dwarf warriors, and took a fairly easy win against a repeat entry that has been around in the BSL since round 1.  This, against all my expectations, results in me actually gaining a place in the league table, parking my chubby butt on the 4th place with still 2 rounds to go.

I now have mathematically reached my goal to end in the first half of the League table, so thats a goal achieved, but now I`m doubting if I can manage to stay in the first 5.  For the next round I have a gamble in that perspective, as where in the LPL over at Lead Adventures Forum you get `punished` by the community if you enter GW models, here, being a warhammer afficionado forum, it is the opposite.  And I have my obligational Anime Mecha entry lined up for next month, so I wonder how I`m going to fare.

My money is on DAGabriel btw for the League win.

Now about the unit itself, I cannot tell to much yet, well, because I`m still working on it.  I have finished all 12 rank and file now, and am in the early stages of converting the full command group.  The `plan` is to have a 20 strong unit + command + an in my minds eye cool idea of a unit filler centerpiece + one of the old pre big hats as a character in the unit.

Oh, and the name came from an old Hentai anime I once saw about a girl whose demonic tattoo comes to live and performs all kinds of carnal depravities, google only at own risk...

Season 2 of the BSL, with a slightly modified points system apparently, is on the horizon as well, as public opinion seems to choose to start immediatly after this one, so that should be december.  I`ll be adding that to the paint goals of 2013, and really should start doing some preparations me thinks for both the BSL as for the LPL that year :-)

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