zondag 9 september 2012


Argus`, Argus`ses, Argussi... I don`t know, wild dogs wil have to do hehehe.  Last friday still undercoated on the table, yesterday they got their paintjob (well, actually one already friday during the night), today basing and varnishing.

Part of the Starter Box from Circle Orboros, I have two of these puppies in my force.  Now, I know in MkI they where average at best, but since MkII they are quite the handy dual torpedo doggies.

They benefit from Kaya`s rule that all the animals in her control area have their MAT raised by 2, but otherwise I see them as tag-team hunters for light warjacks and equivalents, one using his (boosted) Bay attack to lower the opponents DEF to 7, the other one charging in for the Combo Strike special attack which at P+S 16 does a serious bitey chunk out of their opponents.

Bar that, I also like the models, so I`m going to try and take them in my warband as it progresses anyways, with a nice Fury amount and high treshold rating they are quite feasible to stay in control anyways.  Unless they are in combat, just let them frenzy then lol.

Next on the list, the Warpwolf, then Kaya.  Should be able to do the whole starterset (well, equivalent, I run an alternate Kaya model, nicer sculpt imho) before the kick off the comming friday.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice miniatures and excellent highlighting on the flesh.

  2. Very nice miniatures the flesh as already said looks excellent nice one! (well two)