zondag 9 september 2012

Feral Warpwolf

Days without posts, now three on a day... sometimes, you`re having one of these days where paint flows naturally from your brush and focus (or should that be in my faction, Fury?) isn`t lost to all kinds of other things...

The Feral Warpwolf is my big hitter for the start of the Journeyman League, and has to be the only big hitter until the limit is pulled up to 25 points in month 3.

Now, I was quite amazed by how he performed past friday, ripping apart the large Cygnar jack and the smaller shooter one, while severly damaging three other lighter jacks before being beaten to a pulp by Kreoss.

One thing I like is the beasts Forced Warping special rule, as this allows you to get the charge in quite speedily.  Just remember to keep Occulation on him before he is more or less charge range, the Stealth goes a big way in keeping him in one piece before thundering in.

Afterwards, I kept warping his strength, together with boosted damage this tends to make short work of most light, and seriously damage heavy warjacks and beasts apparently, as his relative high MAT coupled with Kaya`s special rule means there is no real need to boost his to hit roll. Okay, unless the dice go freaky on you, your guaranteed to hit with all three attacks, boost one Claw for the charge and regular boost the other two attacks, then buy two more Claw attacks.  Should be a nice package of whoop-ass this beast deals out... and he has to.

Because like all Circle models, he can deal but can`t take damage decently with his low ARM, as DEF is something quite easily negated around, especcially in the Journeyman start period where as far as I noticed are already two Kreoss`s around (knock down) and two Sorcha`s (stationary), each granting as such automatic hits.  And then there is Striker and his Earthquake...

But one handy thing, if you can save up the Fury and not get tempted to follow to closely (like, stay on your 12" command range and try to stay out of things like Lamentation)... after he damages the enemy, Spirit Door the beast back to Kaya, leech his Fury in the next turn... and launch this howling torpedo again!

If you can keep repeating this, not only are you lucky, but your opponent is doing seriously wrong... and will be becomming very, VERY frustrated.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hes a mean looking beastie very nice. I take it he has quite tough stats to perform that well

  2. His stats actually aren`t too impressive, it`s the flexibility with his warping, the fact Kaya boosts his to hit chances and most of all, the fact he can get forced for 4 Fury to boost compared to 3 Focus for a warjack that give him the edge... IF he can charge