vrijdag 28 september 2012

Of Epic Rolls and Epic Fails

Tonight at TSA I played the second night of the Journeyman League, a League for some obscure fact I was currently running in a shared top spot... I knew this couldn`t last, and so I went into battle against the Skorne of Steven.

This game was madness.  I charged my Warpwolf on his Titan, exit the Titan.  An Argus charged a Cyclops, and that was one dead cyclops.  The second Argus charged the second Cyclops, and reduced it to a few hit points.

Kaya Spirit Fang salvo`ed the enemy warlock, who transferred some damage to the remaining cyclops, killing it.  Then the `master assassin` charged Kaya, failed to finish her off, and saw the warpwolf walk into her, tearing her to pieces.

Victory for the Circle in less then 15 minutes and 3 turns...

The second battle was a fail on all rolls.  Facing the dreaded boys in Blue, I had the winning hand when his earthquake shook down his own jacks.

I couldn`t charge my Warpwolf on Stryker due to my mistake of placing an Argus in between, and then forgetting to just walk into combat with the caster.  The Warpwolf would have made short work of the red headed warcaster.  Then, after three battles of incredible rolls, Murphy bit back at last, as Kaya, including popping her feat, managed to knock down Stryker with her first attack... and then only reducing him after a flurry of bought attacks of unboosted rolls -4 to damage to still 6 hit points.

Stryker got up, smacked Kaya to kingdom come, and saved the day for the Cygnarites.

One up, one down, still a nice average.  From next week on, the points are pulled up to 15, so I`ll be including the Lord of the Feast with the Starterbox force.

Tonight saw the debut of a second Orboros band (sniff, there goes my uniqueness), I saw a Gatorman posse running amok, a fresh Legion of Everblight troop joined the fray, so all in all where with around 15 players now competing in the League.  Not to shabby if you ask me!

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  1. A great week then all good. Thanks for sharing. Good luck next week

  2. I do hate myself a bit for managing to snatch defeat from the clutches of victory though, but my goal was to get a force painted up in the end, the comming weeks will be, especcially when the 25 pts setting of that League kicks in, harder to score points. Shooty stuff will start to appear in larger numbers and my cardboard armour is quite allergic to that ;-)