woensdag 12 september 2012

Home Improvement... and a lass with glasses

So, with the Warmahordes JL I wanted to make a seperate gallery so the league commissioner could keep track of the paintworks without hauling everything to the club each time.

I hate transporting miniatures if I ain`t going to need them, that can only result in tears in the end...

So I took the opportunity to do some reshuffling on the blog, the two most notrious things being that I moved the business cards and profile cards from top to bottom, and that I added three more tabs to the top.

These are all three `gallery pages`, so you`ll be finding pictures there and not much else of things that have appeared here on the main page.

The Temple of Hashut is all about fully completed and reworked regiments of my various Chaos Dwarf forces.

Circle Orboros is said Hordes gallery

Skirmish Forces is just that, miniatures from various skirmish games like Malifaux et such.

Which brings us to the glasses lass of the title, Sophia Ilmora from the Anima Tactics game.  I doubt I will ever be playing the game as anime ain`t hawt over at TSA, but it is a range of great looking models and I have some for the occassional paint job.  I did her quite a while back (painting, you pevs!), but now got a better picture of her.

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