zaterdag 8 september 2012

The Lord of the Feast

So I played my very first Warmahordes games in the MkII system yesterday evening, and it sure changed since my MkI days, most notably with LoS and Screening by which I made some mistakes without to much baddies (call it sheer luck, Kaya left with one damage point).

We played a six way battle with 3 players a team, and it turned out to be the Battle of The Sexes, with my team consiting of Lylith, Sorcha and Kaya, and facing of Striker, Kreoss and Grundback.

Yes, it was `starter box` forces as it was the final `get aquinted to the rules` game before the Journeyman League starts next week.  Or first aquintance...

I went for the easiest way to learn rules, and torpedoed my three Warbeast onto the mass of Menoth and Cygnar jacks opposing me, in the end knocking out the big Cygnarite one and two small Cygnar jacks, and as good as reducing to a scrap-pile two lighter  Menoth jacks in a concentrated team play with the cold ass russian gall by my side.

We lost in the end as first Lilyth fell, and then Sorscha, so Kaya choose discretion over valor and left the battlefield with her remaining Argus.  It did take uberboosted Kreoss himself though to finally take out the Warpwolf who made some insane rolls ripping jacks apart left and right... and then be Spirit Doored to safety.  I like Kaya, previously alone for her looks, now for more...

The Journeyman League

So the painting continues on the faction, and the third model after eKaya and her companion Laris has been finished, The Lord of the Feast.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and this `guided infantry slayer` will be the upgrade from my starter box (which comes at 11 points) to 15 points.  Plans are to flunk him into infantry, do his sword combat shennanigan thingie, then with the aid of his Virtuoso skill Ravenshift his ass out of there before retaliation.  Or if there are shooty guys at the other side, raven in and slaughter all muahahahahaha *kuch*

Amd yes, i know I didn`t add the bull skull to the model, but it was fiddly enough when i tried to first assemble the `antler array` two years ago, and as I gave up on that I think the head is *somewhere* in my bitz box... which consists of two large, unsorted, all mixed and matched curver boxes and i ain`t gonna look for the small gizmo in that junkyard.  And he look mean still anyways without it...

Now I`m gonna start painting on the starter box models, as I need to finish models before the wednesdays before a League game, in order to allow varnish to dry and stuffsies.  And I need to pluck out more KR`s to accomodate the big beasts lol...

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  1. Thanks a lot!

    Now to paint that bloody hairy mess called a Warpwolf :p

  2. Sounds nice, please keep me inform about the gameplay and your experiences with the game.


  3. No problem, I`ll be posting the steps I make in this what seems to be a great game (I admit, my MkI experience was limited to two games and a tounrey with Khadorites 5 odd years ago or such) and how the `slightly modified` in time JML progresses from my dogview ;)