woensdag 5 september 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Saga of Gemini


Now how is that for an opening of a Myth cloth post.  Saga, poor, schizophrenic Saga, is one of the strongest Gold saints, but has one fatal flaw.  Like the Gemini Constellation, he has a good and an evil side, and his evil side took over in a bid to take over Athena`s pledge to protect earth.

He failed to assassinate the baby when Aiolios stopped him, as he had taken over the role of the Pope from Mu`s old master. 

Finally seeing the light after being nearly beaten by Seiya and realizing the error of his ways, he threw himself onto Athena`s staff, only to be return from the dead in the Hades chapter.  Where his twin brother Kanon also played a crucial part, but that is a tale for another Myth cloth.

Now the model itself, even though being of the older generation, is well worth it`s money, as you get two models actually.  Saga and the Pope, so you can make any combination of evil and good armoured Saga (as I did here, without his helmet for once to show off the possessed look more, and the EX will be in my possession one of these days anyways), an armoured and unarmoured pope version with again both heads, and the `animated` cloth from when the saints entered the Gemini temple.

'Nuff said, great value!  And the throne is also included on top of that!

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