zondag 9 september 2012

Scratchbuilt contests

Two posts in a day?  Yups, because this is something I might point you people to and you could join in!

Okay, nice, some more chance to liquidate some parts out of my bitz boxes, as there is first of all a new Artisan Contest on the way, this time you have to build a scenery piece or the like would be found `on the way to Zharr Naggrund`.

Details are here at the front page of Chaos Dwarf Online

Now I`m not entirely sure what I`m going to do, but I got some Asterix models lying around, and I spotted a small godzilla somewhere in one of the boxes... those will be the basis me thinks.

Second there is the Deathroller 2000 scratchbuild competition over at Merry Mayhem News to build a deathroller that can participate in a sort of, well, deathroller race.

This might give me the chance to get some heroclix bases gone from all the repaints, but off course, being a TRUE Dwarf the driver will be a Dwai Zharr and not one of those misguided underground slobbers...

Now, off to the all thumbs scratchbuilder that I am, with the olympic thought in mind...

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