zaterdag 15 september 2012

Journeyman League is go!

So tonight the TSA Journeyman league for Warmachine / Hordes kicked off, and with only a single multiplayer under the belt, I threw my druidical forces into the fray.

My first battle was a win, againt another novice with only some mkI experience under the belt, and his Menoth forces.  I took a HUGE gamble by racing and spirit dooring to the otherside of the table in turn 2, and he failed to capitalize on it.

Beast of the match was the Warpwolf once again, taking apart 2 light, 1 heavy and Kreoss himself.

Second game was against an experienced player and his Skorne force.  I claim moral victory, as his Morghul needed all 10(!!!!) of her attacks before finally downing Kaya.  Had he failed on the last roll, the warpwolf would have had a skinny warlock for dinner.

Beast of the match: his to hit rolls, missing all 7(!!!) attacks against an Argus and 6 out of 10 in the final battle between both sides warlocks.

So far I have seen tonight already 8 different players: 4 Hordes and 4 Warmachine ones.  There was respectively 2 Skorne, 1 Legion of Everblight and 1 Circle Orboros, and 2 Menoth, 1 Khador and 1 Cryx.

I also know Nemesis has ordered his forces in the past week (Skorne as well I believe, which would make them the most present faction oddly enough), with at least one more Khador, one more Cryx, one Cygnar, a Mercenary and maybe a Minion force as well underway.

For myself as a rookie, starting with a clear victory and a close loss isn`t to shabby at all, and I keep being mightily impressed with the warpwolf, who cleaned up tonight the full Menoth force, and the Titan and a Savage in the second battle... that is 6 out of the 8 models that opposed me tonight, and he didn`t die once himself.

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  1. so, the warpwolf is the one to keep my eye on then humm.
    oh btw, nicely done