dinsdag 25 september 2012

Unfinished Business: Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses

As I said a while ago, one of the first things I`m going to try and do is to finally `complete` units and rank them full on for my Hashut forces.  Looks better after all with fully filled up movement trays, and with the Duo Tournament being confirmed at TSA on saturday the 24th of november, the first unit would be the Blunderbusses.

Combining the special character I painted almost half a year ago with his `pets` and adding 6 more gunners to the unit, the block now comes completed at 20 models strong.  I always liked Blunderbusses, but in the end decided to go for the `new` style Scattershots and ranked them in 2 lines instead of the classic block of handguns as they used to be up and untill the FW tome made it`s appearance.

The Firespitter pets (which are repainted Monsterpocalypse beasties) can either serve as normal gunners, OR when I got some points spare can be upgraded to be the units standard bearer and musician.  Doesn`t matter to much which of the beasties is whom, as in the current edition of Warhammer there is now a sequence in which to remove command models, and if it comes down to only the command group standing around, something has been going wrong big time anyways for the unit.

Next up for the force will be the addition of a command group and a dozen of the old style plastic warriors to my warrior regiment, to bring that one to a whopping 40 models, and to convert and re-sculpt some models for the `Oni Tensei` unit.

I`ll keep you posted of the slow but steady progress!

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  1. Nice vibrant colour scheme and the extra beastie look cool