vrijdag 7 september 2012

I`ll enslave your armies!

Or how an idea turns slowly into a regiment...

I like (better said, love) the slave unit entry in the Hobgoblin army book, as it gives the possibility to create a completely whacky unit, and after I had finished the first 50 man `cannon fodder` unit, I decided to slowly build a second one.

This second unit will number 50 strong as well (including the odd unit filler), but the idea is to build it from models of the armies I have defeated since 2012 with my Legions of Hashut (wether them being the Chaos Dwarfs or the Hobgoblin list), in whatever suitable game I played with them.  Warhammer, Blood Bowl, Mordheim, other fantasy games where I can use a force of Dawi Zharr... a model representing the defeated ones will be added to the ranks.

And it is a great way to start liquidating all those odd and end miniatures for RP purposes, from lots and from I don`t know where  that linger my bits boxes without any real purpose uptil now.

The first model is a Dwarven warrior, from my victory over Albert waaaay back in the beginning of the year when I was trying out both 8th edition and the Forge World list.  Albert`s Dwarfs had a very `natural` colour scheme, so I went for a brownish clothing with some pale green details.

Then came the TSA `Fun` tournament, in which I took 3rd place and scored two victories, first against a force of Araby, later against my Nemesis`s Beastmen Horde.  The Araby force was unpainted at the tournament, but as it was made up of GW`s Lord of the Rings models, I scavenged a Flying Carpet Rider from Black Tree`s Saracen range from my bits box and painted it in a Corsairs of Umbar like scheme.  The Beastmen is a standard bearer with his banner cut down to just a stick to hit people with.

Next came the now in apparent paused Blood Bowl League, where out of 6 matches I managed to score 3 wins.  The first one was against Nemesis`s Undead team, and I opted to paint a mummy for representing this as he has been blocking and not getting him off the pitch the now infamous BoB (a Hobgoblin!), effectively tying up the pile of bandages for quite some turns.

The second win was against Patrick from Nelson`s Revenge vampire team, the Sylvanian Sunbathers.  This was the game I really, really violated his team, causing him to have to drop out of the league after the game as I badly hurted / seriously injured / killed no less then 10 out of his 12 players that match... so to represent the aristocracy of the night, who better to use for that then `classic` Vlad himself.  And I recuperated his cool sword for a future project to boot.

Third where the halflings, so I also added a halfling soldier of I don`t know which range to the ranks of the unit.

Finally the 500points tournament from the beginning of july came, and another bronze medal to the list, with two wins out of 3 games.  The first was against a goblin horde with spearmen that didn`t have spears but handweapons, so I rummaged up an old greenskin, snapped his spear so he now is a spearman with a handweapon.

The second win was against a bunch of high elves.  I recycled the Phoenix from my defunct, never going to happen Cathay idea because 1. I had it anyways and 2. the force was build around a large block of Phoenix Guard.

So there we have it, the WiP of the Trophy Unit of Slaves so far:

May Hashut boost these ranks speedily and readily!

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