vrijdag 14 september 2012

Knights of the Zodiac Mythological Forces completed

A joyous morning at Casa Tomsche today, as the nice man of UPS brought me a parcel I had tracked down through eBay, containing no less then 10 booster boxes (of 12 boosters a box) of this Knights of the Zodiac expansion.

I was still missing only 6 cards for the full set, so taking no chances I bought up the full arsenal the eBay seller, real-gooddeal, had on offer, as it is hard enough to track the cards down of this now almost 10 year old card game.

After box 1 I already had 5 out of the 6 missing cards (imagine what cursing would have been done had I only bought one box), and 2 boosters in with the second box the series was at last completed.

Only thing missing now are most of the Promo cards, but I realise this will be near mission impossible unless I can track down the specific merchandise (action figures, region 1 dvd`s etc) in new mint condition where they are included with.

Which also leaves me now with 10 booster packs and 8 unopened boxes of the expansion, time to check TCO if there are any collectors I could throw a deal with...

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  1. are you selling? if yes, what is the price? and can you do me a favor? i need some cards images to post in my blog but i cant find on internet, i see you have some cards i need

    K-051 - Taurus Aldebaran
    K-057 - Virgo Shaka
    K-058 - Scorpio Miro
    K-076 - Aries Mu
    T-073 - Royal Demon Rose
    P-023 - Athena

    if you have any of these can you take individual pictures of it?
    my email is marllonerik2_paraty@hotmail.com

  2. Hi, I´m a big fan of Saint Seiya and I started collecting this trading card game in 2004. The game was not successful here in Peru so it was out of stock very soon and the only way to buy boosters was by Ebay.
    Are you still selling cards? At what price?
    I´m looking fot the following cards to finish my collection:

    K-51 Taurus Aldebaran
    K-76 Aries Mu
    K-81 Sagittarius Aioros
    T-56 Rozan Ultimate Dragon Attack
    T-59 Nebula Storm
    T-62 Lightning Plasma

    I would be very very thankful if you can do me the big favour of sending me at least individual pictures of the Taurus and Aries cards.
    My email is nicoladcg@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  3. Hello, of those I only have the three Techniques cards left I`m afraid

  4. Hi,
    I want to know if you have extra ex cards from andromeda 5" and 8", Pegasus 8", Cygnus 8" and / or Sagittarius 8"
    I think I have extra ex cards for trade, gotta check.
    Best regards

  5. Hola, ¿aún buscas estos cards? Tenemos los booster Mythological Forces, puedes ubicarnos en facebook como Gashapones Perú, somos de Lima-Perú. Still looking for this cards? we have som from the booster pack Mythological Forces. We are from Lima-Peru, you can contact us via facebook: Gashapones Perú. Regards

  6. Actually the Mythological Forces boosters are nowhere in these days. Was wondering if this means that, say, half of the set is unreachable for collectors. It is not stated anywhere which are the cards you can get by buying either the MYTHOLOGICAL FORCES boosters or the A NEW ERA OF HEROIC LEGENDS boosters. I mean which would be the first and second sets? As far as I know, you can pull all the cards by buying A New Era Of Heroic Legends Booster. Not quite sure though. Am I wrong?
    Thanks for your reply!