dinsdag 11 september 2012

Kaya the Wildborne and the Journeyman League prognosis

And so my starter box force (well, technically, as it is the alternate Kaya model instead of the one that comes with the box) has been completed.

She was actually done past saturday, but as I needed a fresh bottle of PVA I couldn`t do her base, but it did mean I painted the whole box between... friday late night and saturday evening.  Who said you needed much free time to be able to get a force done?

What I saw in my only game so far in MkII, is that this wild lass is a force to be reckoned with, as she is able to send in her animals, do serious damage as her Packhunter rule makes boosts to hit as good as unnecessary, and then Spirit them out of any tight spots.

On the other hand, she does have to rely on her animals, because both her melee stats, defenses, and Splinter are all but impressive, and she would be no match for the average warcaster or even other warlocks.  Kaya is a booster warlock, her force gets better because of her but on her own she only has her looks going for her ;-)

The Journeyman League

Roight, so this friday the League starts, and from my very limited experience, and having no clue what the majority of the opponents will be fielding (I do have the impression I`m the only Circle present though), I can say what I won`t be liking:

* Mass firing comming my way.  Luckily, this seems to be either the unpredictable Menoth firing going round mostly, so this should be managable in the first rounds.

* Light warjacks.  To many on the field, I know of at least 2 Menoth, 1 Cygnar and 1 Mercenary Grundback player.  And I fear the Everblights player Shredders actually more then his Carnivean, the last one I can tackle with the Warpwolf, but all those little nibbles could overwhelm my force easily.

* Knock down.  Unfortunatly, there is already 2 Kreoss`s, 2 Sorcha`s and a Stryker present...

I am going to have to rely on the one factor the Circle seems to have above all other factions: SPEED.  If I can`t manage to get the charge in, I`m in big doo-doo, and doing something seriously wrong...

It should be do-able against those lumberjacks of Khador, but I will have to hope I strike them hard enough that they can`t hit back.  The other heavies shouldn`t pose to much of an issue either, but this brings me on the territory I am fearing during the initial phases of the League.  A warcaster, with his focus saved up, is equal to a light warjack in defense and hit points, but hits better and usually just as hard.  This means, considering Kaya`s lack of melee skill, that not only I`m going to have to be able to do an Alpha Strike on the enemy, but see that the beasties get out more or less in one piece to be thrown against the warcaster...

Only time will tell, as experience at the moment is quite nill...

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