zondag 22 december 2013

A Nice LEGO book find

Yesterday, in that penultimate effort to score some christmas gifts (well, the GF then, I just tagged along as carrying apparatus) we went to a store called 'Bookenvoordeel' , which would translate a bit like Bargain Books in english.

Here you can find all kind of things like the novels she reads, or great books for children, at really decent prices compared to mainstreet bookstores, and while strolling around my eye fell on this book.

It was lying somewhere under a counter, and they only had 2 copies, but it was an unofficial LEGO building book, detailing how to build cities (mostly microscale).  Now, cities is not my thing, BUT it does have great ideas on all kinds of trees and shrubberies, which I CAN use for my medieval fantasy builds.

All the builds contain a part list (and code!) as well as detailed build step by steps.  Written by German builders, I'm going to keep an eye out in that store, there are more of those kind of books around, and even though this is a dutch edition, making the market smaller, it seems they are translating them.

But for Canterbury next week, my target is on the Castle book...

A good find all in all, and I consider it a small christmas gift to my own self ;-)

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