zaterdag 28 december 2013

Lego Lord of the Rings - The 25th Platinum

A lovely number to end the Playstation Challenge with, isn't it, 25 platinums, meaning I scored 22 this year or about average one for each 16 days.

The most recent aquisition is Lord of the Rings, the PS3 Lego version.  I loved this game, and it ranks second in my Lego all time favorite lists after Pirates of the Carribean.

The game follows the trilogy, but is specked with all the typical Lego game humor like the fetch quests, cameos and the likes, and it was a good game to play.

It had a couple of hard to score trophies, like the complete the storyline Moria under 15 minutes, but I pulled through after starting to play it this week.

And the game at least includes the one SCANDALOUSLY overseen character ommited from the movies:

On a side note, this game has been the reason why I got back into Lego in the first place, due to the fact you got this minifig as a limited edition collectible when I bought the game as a pre-order edition, and it was the very first model of my collection that 'ended the Dark Ages'.

Now the munchkin can play this game all he likes as it goes to his closet, while I can start counting down the days for the follow up game of The Hobbit...

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