maandag 9 december 2013

Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers: the 22nd Platinum


I did it, in about 10 days since I put it in my Playstation, I platinummed the crown jewel for myself of this years Playstation Challenge against Andy.  Saint Seiya, proudly part of my life since 1986, had it's latest incarnation released last week, and friday I've put it in my system.

45 intense gaming hours later, I have the platinum, aided a lot by the fact that I know the cartoon by heart and could guess what kind of attacks, rhytm and battle sequences to expect in the story line, resulting in a lot of straight S's at the first go. 

Control wise, it plays a bit like it's PS3 musou predecessor, and a bit like the PS2 version.  Heck, even the internet, whom always game wise has treated Saint Seiya as a small franchise (which it ain't, it just ain't that popular in 'germanic europe' and the States), sees it as a more then decent beat-em-up.

Once the storyline cleared, it was the job to complete both the Galaxian Tournament versions, and the Survival Mode (the highest level, God, being hard as nails) and then the most irritating trophy of all: collect 313 out of 382 titles, but the game doesn't list which ones you miss.  The only way to keep more or less track of them (and I realised that yesterday evening) is through your online Player card where you can add those titles, and I could see the gaps of which character I might have missed.  In the end, it turned out to be Orpheus of Lyra, and once I completed his requirements 5 minutes ago... the trophy popped!

Now, on the contrary to what people would have suspected and I did use in Sanctuary Battle, the first title on the PS3 from 2012, my main character for the tournaments didn't turn out to be Hyoga.

No, in the end I went for the rather suprising choice of Baian, the Sea Horse Marina and general of Poseidon.  Yes, poor Baian, ridiculed by all that watched the anime as by far the weakest of his generals, having to do with silver saint levels for attacks.  Poor Baian that claimed, but turned out to be far off, of a Gold Level power.  Poor Baian that I had none the less in my Top 10 of all time saints as his Marina Scale is just so bloody awesome.

And in this game, so is his cutscene movie for his Big Bang Attack, Rising Billows.

Oh, and yes for those that wonder at the first picture you see in this post, of course I do have the 120 euro Limited Edition boxes set with the Myth Cloth, I'll do a post on the figure probably tomorrow.

My goal for the challenge has now been obtained, the very platinum I WANTED to add, no matter the end result, is now in my possession, so every point I can still score from now on is just, well, bonus, but nothing now has to be put aside anymore because I just need "one... more... trophy...".

Ciao ciao, I'm off to let my Cosmo cool down now...

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