dinsdag 24 december 2013

Looking forward to 2014: resolutions!

Grinta, my code word for the comming year.  It was a term used to describe Sergio Conceiçao, and when he came to Standard Liege, we had the greatest of teams.

And the term sticked...

For 2014 I'm going to plan and try to sort out some serious issues from my past, details aren't that relevant as this is after all a hobby blog, but I'm going to 'bite' myself in some things and (hopefully) finally get it all cleared out.

Another thing I'm really going to have to make work from, is of a physical nature.  Yes, I need to have my knees looked after and operated, yes I have to get back to sports, yes I have to go in for an additional treatment for my slight psoriasis on my handpalms, and yes, I need to lose 20 kilo's.  I should also actually quit smoking, but that will be for another year, or I'll go totally insane ;-)

Of course, every drawback has it's benefits, so IF I can lose those kilos and get back to the not so lean, but definitly mean sporting machine (LOL) I can finally make work of making a cosplay set for FACTS.  And it will be a saint.  And it will be Nachi, bronze saint of Wolf, as his cloth isn't to complex to start out with...

Now, for the collecting budget, I'm going to aim this year to complete my Crusade cards of Saint Seiya (for now until the new set that is 5 cards remaining), and complete the God Warriors section of my Myth cloths (in addition to cool new saints)

Pity both are the rarest of the series, and around 150 - 200 euros going rate at current

Finally, I'm going to save up my small change to grab some Lord of the Rings LEGO.

Now the hardest for now will be these two, as they are from the 2012 range and starting to rotate out (especcially Weathertop).

As well as this big boy, the Tower of Orthanc exclusive (luckily I have a LEGO store near by to get it easier).

For the rest, it will be these sets if it are promotions, VIP points bonusses etc that I have my eye on...

As you can see, mostly sets for display, not actual play sets like Barrel Escape or the likes.

Of course, there are some other 'minor' goals to achieve in my geeky world, like Planeswalker Points.  And Playstation games.

For the Playstation it is simple, the Challenge is soonish over (and bagged and tagged woopwoop) so my goal for 2014 is to Platinum all the remaining... LEGO games (minus Rockband, which is a sing a long game, not the traditional adventure games of LEGO).  Of course, this is including any new releases in 2014, and on a purchase level I haven't got any plans to buy a lot.  The new LEGO games (with The Movie and The Hobbit, there are two scheduled in the first half of the comming year already), if there will be a new Saint Seiya, that of course as well, but for the rest I don't have any plans bar Telltale's volumes of still missing Walking Dead 2 and Fables games, and their upcomming Game of Thrones.

For the rest, I'm finally going to grind whatever I still have lying around for platinums and completions, but as the stress is now off the bucket in 2014, I'm not worrying to much wether or not I'll succeed.  My goal as such will be to achieve level 25 on the PSN network.

Planeswalker Points wise I'll be playing again, Sealed and Draft only and trade off all cards grabbed that way through TCO hopefully to complete my own series as well as the munchkin's Harry Potter ccg.  When the GF, now slowly recovered from her sickness, is back to work, it should be doable between february and june to at least get one draft in each month, depending her hours.  Not being to ambitious as such, I'm going to set my goal at level 32 to achieve.

And then there is painting of course.  No I haven't quit my paint pots, but for 2014 I'm going to try and mostly paint up my Saint Seiya models, gashapons and model kits, so a very moderate goal of 20 models will be set for this.

There we go then for 2014 and all it's achievements to get in the world of geekiness, have great days and I'll look forward to reading all those other backlooks and previews of the year exchange in the blog-o-sphere.

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