vrijdag 13 december 2013

Limited Editions, Myth Cloths and a CCg from the Argentinian past...

Okay, it`s been a very good Saint Seiya week for an Otaku like me, as the mailman has made my day.

Like I said when I platinummed Brave Soldiers, of course I ordered the Limited Edition box with the special OCE Seiya in it, an EX model of the v2 armour, and I must say it is a damn beauty.  Though the EX range has more poseable options, it is at the same price range as the normal ones, but for some reason this is the very first EX model I now own...

Talking Myth cloths, and the paost of this week of how I love facebook, here are the recent two additions to my collection: Sea Horse Baian (at last!) and Casa of Lyumnades, two generals of Poseidon and making it so that bar the special Royal Edition of the sea god himself, the only one I`m now still (unfortunatly) missing is Scylla Io.  He is going to be on my target list for Antwerp Convention for sure ;-)

I found them through a Myth Cloth group on said social media tool, for a very decent price and shipping only out from France, making it a very, very intresting deal and in the end with no fuss, within the week of payment I had them on my doorstep.

Finally these gems arrived, 16 envellopes of an Argentinian ccg of Saint Seiya from around the year 2000.  Okay, it is hard as nails to find a checklist for them so far, as my spanish isn`t that good and they are from an era pre broadband when not everything was just thrown onto the net.  There are also envellopes on the way of the second series of this game, that series apparently numbering 100 cards total.
The cool stuff here is that it details the Galactian War up to the battle with Ikki and the beginning of the Silver Saint arc, so it uses other artwork then most games have so far.

And the fact the game was exclusively published in Argentina back then and didn`t get `across the ocean` easily, means I have a great bargaining chip in my hands now to trade for missing cards!

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