vrijdag 13 december 2013

Age of Midgardia: Storehouse Phase Two

"Life is finally smiling down on me" Catharina thought.  Her small cabin annex storage, well, cave was a more accurate word, had been expanded in a big way.  Behind the small cabin, a whole storehouse had been erected, and supplies had been put in the building.

Even trade was starting to pick up pace now, and she could see the gold coins already flicker in her mind`s eye.  Great plans of adding an extra wing to her storage facility where already forming, and she would definitly need a silo or something.

"Yes, diamonds are a girl`s best friend, but I can do with gold just as well" she said to herself as she took another swill of wine and grinned...

Here is phase two of my storehouse, expanding on the small cabin (which has even been incorporated in the building with some additions like a closed up side) with a large building build to it`s back.

 Airholes included to keep the food fresh ;-)

While trade is picking up as the villagers of Merak check their shopping needs...

 Hope you all like it (a little bit.  For the final phase I`m planning to add a silo and extra building, connected by a walkway bridge to make it guarded.  Not much ideas yet on how to do that exactly, but I have `a vision` of how i want it to look roughly sketched away on some paper errrm somewhere...

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