zondag 22 december 2013

Lego Marvel - Universe in Peril: the 23rd Platinum

So we evened the platinum tally for this month so far with Andy thanks to the Marvel version of Lego on the Vita.

Now, reviews say this is the worst game of the Lego franchise released so far, but I do not agree on that fact actually, I thought that Harry Potter and the dueling thing they did in it.  It is though a COMPLETELY different game from it's big brother.

In this edition, you have to complete 10 challenges of about 3 - 5 minutes per level, totalling 450 challenges in all (15 stories of 3 levels of 10 challenges each).  Now, I like this because it allows you to do one more quick run before leaving to work or such, or during a 15 min break and so on.

Initially you'll only solve 2 - 5 challenges per level, and then it is all down to repeat with the appropriate character, though if you unlock a telekinetic, a flyer, a climber and an electric, your set for most things.  As a result, I played most levels with Iron Man mk42 with his great tolling supermove, but especcially with Spider-Man 2099 who has a rapid fire shooting attack.  Not that it matters which spider-man variant you take, but I always kind of liked O'Hara's costume with the dark blue and red accents.

Now with some luck, I can actually platinum 2 more games in the remaining days of the year and the challenge, which should clock me off on a pretty rounded 25 platinum trophies.  We'll see how it goes!

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