woensdag 18 december 2013

Painting Ikki

About a year ago, in my new year resolutions for 2013, I said I was going to be painting a model of the Phoenix bronze saint I had, Ikki, from the Blue Forever set.

Now, with two weeks to spare... I have finally completed him.  I don't know to be either ashamed or proud of myself.

The first step in the job was turning him around.  In the full set, Ikki stands at the back, the lone wolf that he is.  So as I doubt I'll ever get the full (unpainted, it exists also in a pre-painted edition) set, so I turned him around to have the high part of the base to the back.

Next the easy part: prime the model using the black primer I got at Crisis.  The model is in a sort of half / half hard soft plastic, and paint doesn't love it really.  So I'm really happy with the primer material, the paint stayed on excellently.

The first colors are added, to have an idea of what the base colours and highlights should be.

Base colours on the model are then painted over the first layer.

Highlights of the core model have been painted on now, time to think about the base.

Normally this should have been grey, but I decided to go for the more marble look as mediterrean roads tend to look with their white cobbled surface.

The eyes have been coloured in, most details added, and the pattern of stones painted on the base.

The final touches of details to the model itself have been done now, the hardest was the scar Ikki has on the rim of his nose towards his left eye.  The base cobblestones have been done, resulting in a completed model I'm actually quite happy with.

The backside of the model

The model was been a joy to paint, especcially since it has smoother lines then the model kit I did of Hyoga, who was based on the old action models.

Now, for the next project I am going to go back and paint one of my 32mm bottlecap models, while waiting for the dramatic comeback of Ikki somewhere in Omega ;-)

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  1. Thanks!

    I always find those sort of models rather difficult to paint, as I tend to use a 3 tone colour palette, while the anime figures back in the 80s only used a 2 tone shade for everything themselves.