vrijdag 20 december 2013

Age of Mitgardia: Storehouse Final Phase

"Rich!  I am filthy rich!  The richest girl in all the village or Merak!!!"

Catharina could barely contain her enthousiasm.  She had made it at last, rising through the ladders of society.  She remembered the day she had to "manage" a simple cabin, and now she looked at the activity that surrounded her.

Her storehouse had finally been finished, a grainery added and just in case some competitors would get bad ideas, an armed guard stood watch over the domain.

Talking competition and bad ideas, she had used the wealth comming in to bring that old fool that had assigned her to that god forsaken cabin under her employment.  And she had sworn to herself she would be making his life very, very miserable, as he would be responsible for counting and recording all the food that entered her storage facility.  Or better said, he would be held responsible for all that didn`t...

"Yes", she thought as she eyed the large lump of gold from a sale earlier that day, "hell has no fury as a woman with ambition".

And feeling innerly satisfied, she took another sip of her very expensive Kaliphinian wine.

Here the latest instalment of the Storehouse tree, in a bid to claim for myself that one cool title: Manager.

As I incorporated my phase One into my Phase Two, I now did more or less the same by adding a whole fresh `wing` to the phase two build, made around the medieval idea of those grainery `bunkers` you sometimes see popping up in the history books.  To add more volume to what is essentially a doorless, windowless, trapdoor in the roof `block`, I tried and build a security post over the silo itself, and add some life to the scene by also adding a trading stand where the villagers of Merak could come and barter for their needs.

Grand Theft Chicken in Progress:

The old tallymaster and the guard tower

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