donderdag 12 december 2013

Age of Midgardia: Fence phase one *updated*

The whole set up of the Mitgardia MoC community porject, is to build something, then listen (well, read) any critiques and remarks there might pop up and go onwards from there either to the next build, or by updating your current build.

For the Fence, it was mostly a bigger base size that was needed, and that way I could incorporate more details. 

Taking this into account, I doubled the size of the base used, and expanded on the wizard wand / droid arm technique to make a larger fence. 

Extra detail wise more rocks have been added, and I had a go at making a tree to go with the build.

As a bit of a warning post extra detail, the grisly remains of one that had tried to scale the fence wall has been posted as a reminder.

It seems to have passed review now, so I can start planning towards the phase two, which is a wooden wall.  Not quite an idea what I want to 'see' in the build, as I'm first continuing work on my storehouse phase 2.

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