donderdag 19 december 2013

Ambush from the Waves

"Come and meet me near the beaches of the Goolaf Archipel.  Nocturnus is in danger, and we are looking for all our allies to face off against the incursion of the Black Spire..." the message had read.

Hagen had decided to answer the call for help, and had a small ship set sail for the tropical beaches.  Nocturnus.  It was a long time since he had heard from his friend, and now he could only decide to help out.  peace with Mitgardia was fragile at best, and he did not want to think of the consequences should another ruling body mount the throne.

An all out war was the last thing he had on his mind, he thought when walking the small planks that led to the beach.  The waves gently crashed against the sides of the rocks, as he suddenly heard a splash.

The moment he turned around, the water broke and a hideous fish-man thing jumped out, aiming a vicious harpoon towards Hagen.

"30 seconds he thought, I`m here for bloody half a minute and already it seems the Black Spire has send agents to stop us from all gathering and defend the capital..."

Here is my entry for the first challenge, better late then never to the party, ZC has sided me with the Nocty boys themselves (though he does need to update the list still it seems ;-) ) and I decided to give it a try on having something watery for the duel.

With the 2k of mostly small transparent bricks I hauled out of the PAB wall this week, i now have the materials compared to my earlier MoC`s to try my hand at some more things, like the gentle waves of the water and the breaking of the surface by the appearance of the antagonist.

Hope you like it!

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