zondag 22 december 2013

Season's Greetings... and a look back at my geeky 2013

It's that time of the year again, where we all wish each other the best of wishes, a good health and may all your geeky dreams come true.

And it is that time where we on the blog-o-sphere tend to look back at our resolutions of the past year, and what we managed, and what failed.

I had three resolutions for the year, and failed on two accounts... not the best of averages but heck.

The first one that I failed, and mainly due to my own fault, is to achieve level 30 in Planeswalker Points.  For some reason from half of august onwards, I just stopped playing.  Part due to real life with the quit job, back to school reason, partly because I couldn't attend GP Antwerp... but I had 4 months to score those final 135 points, and I still lack them.  No excuse, just my own pure slackingness.

The second Theros block set is about to arrive, and I still haven't held a single card from the first set... it's that bad yes.

The second one is an even more epic failure: painting.  I fell silent on this part from, well, the whole year basically, had a resurgence around october painting 75 models in a month, and then fell silent again only doing two model kits.  In the end I scored just over half, but needless to say this has been another disaster on resolution level.

But bring out the cheerleaders, I did manage one successfull resolution, to get to level 15 in the Playstation Network (heck, I'm almost halfway to 19 by now).

This is in large thanks to the playstation challenge, which is now in it's final 10 days, and the thrill of epically trashing Andy.  Which is about to happen as I'm still over 10k in the lead, considering a level means you have to platinum about 7 games on average, lots of hours have been spend and a heap of planning went into it.

But let's also have a look back at some other geeky things of the past year. 

Best thing watched?  Pacific Rim.  Yes, I'm a trekkie, but I didn't think the recent movie that good.  It was a great scifi flick, but it didn't "feel" Star Trek to me.  Same goes for Saint Seiya Omega.  Many would have expected that to be my number one to have watched the past year, but it actually became only good to great in the second part of the second season... leaving about 1.5 seasons to be better erased from the mind.

So the trophy for me goes to Del Toro's epic movie of giant robots battling it out with giant beasts.  Which Otaku would not like that.

Gaming: oddly, here has to go a non trophy supported game.  Saint Seiya Omega, Ultimate Cosmo on the PSP takes this years place as most 'rewarding' game.  Why?  Well, because I finished it inside out, unlocking all characters, movies, pictures, big bang attacks and the likes... on a fully Japanese languaged game (it's import, never released outside the Asia region btw) so it all had to be figured out from a to z.

Magic the Gathering: well, without a doubt the Top 8 posting in the Gamesday of Gatecrash, for an amateur level player like me about the best result of the year, it could have been top 4 even but I flunked it myself in the quarter finals.  We all learn someway, preferably the hard version ;-)

Collecting: no doubt the illustrious volume 10 of Knights of the Zodiac for 30 euros instead of the 200 - 300 they go for on eBay.  No matter how much cool stuff I gathered this year, this is the winner due to rarity and price.

Reading: some people think the story is to twisty or spun out.  I just love it, 'nuff said...

Bricking: 2013 saw me fully back playing with LEGO's, with the whole Historica things and the likes, but the absolute winner for me is a tie actually, due to fond memories on both.
First there is the Big Ben set, which I brought back from London on our valentine trip with the girlfriend, and secondly there is the Shakespeare minifig which I used to teach the munchkin about sharing, at times give and don't be to egoistically and only 'want'.

That is about it for the 2013 look backs, tomorrow I'm going to plunge into 2014 with the new resolutions planning, things to get, to do... we all know those tricks and trades on these blogs.

So the only thing that is left to say for now: have a nice holidays and remember, wednesday it's all about Capaldi!!!!!

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