donderdag 26 december 2013

Age of Mitgardia: Store and Tower phase ones

Another set of free builds efforts have been created and put on the pictureplate today, starting out the Store and Tower lines.

I went for a completely different approach with the Store.  Normally, phase one consists of a Market Cart, but I thought to go in a different route and instead of building a cart pulled along a road, to build a small trade boat going down a waterway.

This gives me the option for the later stages to build off from a waterside for the market, if it works out as planned with a pier and such.

Ambitious and a lot to think off how to do it...

"Can`t a wizard get some peace and quiet to sort out his plans for world domination?"  Mechandro thought as he build a small outpost ontop the cliff. 

"Bit cramped though, I guess I`ll have to start expanding soon, especcially if this beastie starts to grow hmmm."

The tower line is also a bit of a different `idea` on how I want to build to progress.  Step 1 has to be an outpost, then a wooden tower and finally a stone tower.

I`m thinking of going the route of a Wizards Tower I`ve always wanted to build since I have that small wizard set from the Castle range, and will be using this particular rock as the base, expanding upwards by changing the `build up` at first to the type of towers, and adding action around the base as that one gets expanded as well.

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