dinsdag 10 december 2013

Thanks to Facebook

Now this is the reason I love and use the social media:

It`s hard to find the ultra rares and promo cards for the Saint Seiya Crusade system, if you don`t get them in your booster boxes, your generally screwed, and like the Gundam cards they go easily in trade offs as you have, to say, gold in your hands and a great bargaining chip.

A few months ago, I joined a french Saint Seiya card collector community on Facebook (as well as a Myth group after FACTS, but that will eb a post of victory in a few weeks ;-) ) and through some negotiating I could get my hands on the above three cards.

From the Series One of the `regular` series the ultra-rare microcosmo card `Burning Cosmos`, the missing metal rare Aries Mu and the Pegasus buy a box promo, resulting in now having the full first series complete down to the promos and all.

So if your into the Saint Seiya card trading hobby, and have a minimal understanding of french (they reply in english, great people they are, but being able to read french helps a lot in the topics), make sure to get on that comminity!

I`m one happy camper!!!

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