donderdag 5 december 2013

Admitting my mistake

...and it won't be me alone admitting this.  Saint Seiya Omega.  When it hit TV Asashi last year, a lot of people where excited that a new series at last had launched, but soon this turned into a nightmare.

The new cloths that look like actual clothes instead of armour, the clothstones instead of the object modes and Pandora boxes, Yuna who looked like she had been plucked out of Sailor Moon, the elemental powers,... no, it wasn't a good series at all, especcially not for those that knew the core material.

The only thing I actually liked about the whole charade was the second part of the season opening, New Myth, an epic track almost rivalling Pegasus Fantasy (which still is THE classic track of tracks in the series - no discussion).

Then season 2 hit... and it got better and better.  Okay, so the new bronzes are, to quote Ikki, "a bunch of weaklings" and actually he is quit right.  With the advent of Pallas and her soldiers, it is hard to understand how they ever defeated Abzu as they struggle like mad against the Class 3 Pallasites, about equal to a Silver Saint.

But there where light points, the cloths returned to Object modes, the new kid Subaru is really okay (though something very sinister is going on with him) and all in all it got a tad better, but not much and the laments continued.

But then the second part took off with Athena and her Saints for once taking the fight to the enemy instead of waiting for the inevitable attack on Sanctuary.  This was quite a shocker, but it got better and better.

The Gold Saints actually joined in the fight, even though their part is not as big as it was in The Lost Canvas, but then the ultimate soldiers of Athena joined the fray as well.  Seiya was there as the Sagitarrius saint, but now he was joined by Shiryu who took the Libra cloth from the fallen Genbu, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun and real badass looking Phoenix Ikki.  Even 'the other bronzes' and the classic three Steel Saints joined the fray!

Ikki's entrance was 'spectacular' to say the least, and the Cosmo of the old school fans started roaring, but it was Hyoga's episode, and not only for me because it was Hyoga, that truly showed the power of the Legendary Saints.

faced by Tokisada, now a class 2 Pallasite that still has mastery over time and equal to a Gold saint, this clown had taken the Aquarius cloth in the first season.  He went to beat up Haruto, Eden and Subaru... but then the Cygnus saint arrived and showed why these guys took down half a dozen gods so far (Eris, Abel, Poseidon, Hades and the first incarnation of Mars).

With a smug grin, he just wiped the pallasite away, freezing him in the end forever... but he didn't take a hit himself.  While the 'weaklings' where all knocked cold before in a heart beat.

We all know it is Koga that is going to resolve everything (heck, he even made me miss Seiya as punching bag turns hero in the series) but by the love, this series is firing up to be on par with the classics!

So accept my appologies Toei, you have definitly put the series to a higher level the past year, and keep this going!!!!

 So for enders, here is the classic of classics and proudly my ringtone since whenever cellphones allowed to have mp3's as ringtones... what is that, a year or 10?

Now if they would just finish TLC it would all be great...

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