donderdag 26 december 2013

Shrek Forever Ever After - The 24th Platinum

It seems we`re right on schedule for the aimed 25 platinums to end the contest with, as they are starting to pop swiftly now in the final sprint to utter massacring victory of team AnRoDr.

Just now, I finished Shrek, a game I played for platinum months ago, but then fell silent as it was in my home and I was mostly at my GF`s, but this afternoon I had a few free hours and I went for the remaining three silvers and as such the platinum.

It is a rather simple game, but unfortunatly I bought the dutch edition by accident, and the voice acting really got on my nerves, I prefer Myers, Banderas and Murphy any day. 

Is the game any good?  Bwaah, it is a kid`s game in the end, and I think even those could clean it up after finishing it the first time to unlock all upgrades, it doesn`t have to many really far sought or difficult puzzles.

But it is another platinum to the tally, and tomorrow I`ll be off to Canterbury for the annual pilgrimage, BUT for number 25 I`m at 95.3 completion percentage, so if I`m not to tired, I`ll be collecting the final 7 lego minikits during the night... and if not, an hour or two on saturday should nail the deal and score a nice 25th platinum (and I started in january with only a measly 3, so it has been a good year in working away backlogs...)

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