vrijdag 6 december 2013

Age of Mitgardia House Phase One

At Walpurgis night, not all seems to be what it is... and what is that stone glowing in the witches cabin?

Taking into account the pointers I received in the previous efforts to build the small phase one sets for Age of Mitgardia, I went bravely onwards and had a try at making the house set.

I tried to make the sloped roofs `closed up` as pointed at with the storehouse, and add some `story` to the plate to make it not to bland.  The idea is to make a witch in progress with some spell, while all kinds of foul creatures slowly start to appear to end hopefully with a sort of phase 3 `witches villa` full of not to cosy beasties.

Also at current redoing and expanding my fence phase one with the tips I recieved, and the fact three big bags of shrubbery, tan bricks and brown bricks have just been delivered by that nice mr Postman.

For phase two I am going to aim for a two story house with greeblies in it, while evolving it in phase 3 to the waterside in order to have a sort of `under the waves` beasties added.  No idea how to do that yet though, so wish me luck and more importantly inspiration.

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